S&P ready for a haircut?

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In episode #7, Matt laid out a narrative that could see the S&P take a serious haircut between now and Memorial Day. The two month balance (highlighted rectangle) appears to be breaking and 1680 is about 10% from year highs.  We could see this playing out and possibly quickly.  Before summer and Memorial weekend.

Nasdaq levels predicted in episode #3

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In episode #3 Matt gave us some reference points for what was likely if/when the Nasdaq broke out of range.  We reviewed this chart in episode #5.  

S&P 500 Cash Index

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  We referenced this chart in episode #4.  Markets have cycles.  This is a great perspective on the monthly chart of some of the cycles.  If you had no position in the market, and you could trade this chart (this is a non-traded chart), which way would you believe it’s going next?

OEX chart

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In episode #1 Matt referenced the OEX chart as a tool to reference.  This is not an optionalble index, and it represents the top 100 companies.  In this chart we’re looking at multiple timeframes for perspective.  3 year – weekly chart on the left, 5 day – 15 minute chart on the right.