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S&P ready for a haircut?

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In episode #7, Matt laid out a narrative that could see the S&P take a serious haircut between now and Memorial Day. The two month balance (highlighted rectangle) appears to be breaking and 1680 is about 10% from year highs.  We could see this playing out and possibly quickly.  Before summer and Memorial weekend.

Traits you can’t measure in school

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We referenced the following list during Episode #7.  These traits are highly desireable, and we believe they affirm a “less is more” approach to life. This list of character traits comes from Maria Montesorri.  For more on the Montesorri education movement, click here. Creativity Critical Thinking Resilience Motivation Persistence Curiosity Question Asking Humor Endurance Reliability Enthusiasm Civic-Mindedness Self-Awareness Self-Discipline Empathy Leadership Compassion Courage Sense of Beauty Sense of Wonder Resourcefulness Spontaneity Humility  

#6 Caroline Arnold / Jai Paul

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